Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Thatcher round-up

Andrew Sullivan: Thatcher, liberator.
Joe Weisenthal: she was "freakishly" right about the Euro.
Paul Krugman: did Thatcher turn Britain around? (I think the phrase "I don't want to do a slash-and-burn here" counts as a small victory.)
Mark Harrison was a convert.
Nick Crafts crunches the data. (But it ends in 2007... as he mentions, some stuff has happened since then.)
Tim Bale on politics: "no thinking Conservative can be blind to the downsides...".
The BBC obituary does one excellent thing: it quotes the "no such thing as society" speech in full, putting the line in its proper and much-forgotten context.
... aaaand a useful pie chart about the Twitter reaction.