Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The government has rejected calls for a referendum on the EU treaty, claiming that it is "very different... in absolute essence" from the previous constitutional treaty.

There is a work of art in the Tate Modern which looks like a glass of water. The accompanying blurb describes it as a yucca plant (or some such) and explains, in Aristotelian terms, that by decree of the artist, the object has the substance of a yucca plant with the accidents of a glass of water. Perhaps the EU treaty could be hung next to it.

(Update: not a yucca plant, an oak tree.)

There is a petition demanding a referendum on the constitution - sorry, constitutional treaty - sorry, treaty - here, and the Telegraph is running another one here.

Friday, 24 August 2007

finished a first draft of another paper....

and decided to put it up on my new website. That one is meant to be for serious academic stuff, working papers etc. This one is more for issuing fatwahs against innocent programmers of statistical software, abusing Sting, and ranting bitterly about Europe/Iraq/Blair [passim]. Potential employers, please go read the other one....