Saturday, 9 May 2015


How to spot bad science.

And while we're on the topic... Roger Pielke dissects political science and the pollsters' failure:
Back in 2004 I wrote: “Rather than trying to see the future, political science might serve us better by helping citizens to create that future by clarifying the choices we face and their possible consequences for policy.” In treating politics like a sporting event, we diminish the partisanship, the choices, and the fundamental values that lie at the core of politics. 

Analysis of the election win, including this bang on remark:
If Cameron holds the referendum he's promised and the country votes, against his advice, to quit the EU, he won't be remembered for his election victory of 2015. The same will be true if he presides, also against his will, over the dismantling of the United Kingdom. What's startling is that both of those things could actually happen. If they do, Kinnock and Miliband notwithstanding, Cameron will have no rival in the annals of British political failure.