Friday, 3 June 2005

The French and Dutch No's.

For a few months I was a volunteer in the Simon Community, which deals with rough sleepers in London. There was a resident there who was a lot of trouble. He was very shrewd and insightful, and he could be extremely aggressive. Anyway, if he thought he was being messed around somehow , he would look straight at you and say: "I'm not a prick."

Brussels tried to get the European electorate to vote for a long, turgid, incomprehensible constitution - oops, sorry, constitutional treaty. (It was a constitution because everyone had to vote for it, but it was long and boring because it was a treaty. Got that?) If they didn't, the sky would fall in, there was no plan B, et cetera. To which the reply came: "I'm not a prick."

One more thing while I'm ranting. Various important Brussels people have been publicly puzzling, agonizing, over what the two No's can possibly "mean". Here's a clue: they mean No, you numbwits.