Wednesday, 13 April 2005

I like it

A snarky look at Linux/Gnome usability. It's supposedly about the cool new Ubuntu distro, but in fact a lot is relevant to all of Gnome. Some of it's a bit wacky:

18. Ubuntu supports the annoying and near-useless Insert and Caps Lock keys, with no obvious way to deactivate them. (Windows and Mac OS also make the mistake of supporting Caps Lock.

But some of it is bang on and extremely funny:

20. A lot of technical gibberish is displayed when the computer starts up, and when it shuts down.

25. The dialog for choosing what language to use lists languages in a control that does not look clickable. Among other options, the list includes â??Lastâ?? without telling me which language that was, â??System Defaultâ?? without telling me which language that is, and â??POSIX/C Englishâ?? which is an oxymoron.

It's good stuff. Better still, this guy is apparently an Ubuntu employee, so hopefully he will have some leverage to get things fixed...