Wednesday, 16 February 2005

slow stuff that I don't like about desktop linux

1. applications take ages to start up. For example, openoffice takes about 45 seconds. (This is with openoffice-quickstart installed).

2. menus take ages to popup. This is only the first time. (But you often only click the File menu once per program.)

3. context menus, ditto.

4. The computer takes a long time to start up. (Red Hat and Ubuntu are trying to speed this up.) This isn't so bad because usually I just "suspend".

I really wish that someone more competent than me would

- fix the scheduler so that user-visible apps start up faster (higher priority to new processes?)

- preload basic applications (firefox, nautilus) on desktop startup

- preload menus on app startup

I have lost so many minutes waiting for simple things to happen!