Tuesday, 1 February 2005

HOWTO download files from your Nokia 7250i using Linux

This is on my computer with an infrared connection: Debian Sarge on a Portege 7020CT.

Mostly stolen from here.

1) Download the gammu software. (There are packages for most distributions. The deb files worked for me.)

2) Get your infrared connection working:

turn the infrared on the phone on, put it next to your infrared port.

> irattach irda0 -s

You may need to do

> irattach /dev/ttyS1 -s

instead - see here for an explanation of the difference (also read "man irattach").

Now your lowlevel infrared connection is working. Check it with

> cat /proc/net/irda/discovery

look for the name of your phone, and something like Daddr: 0x00001234

and do

> irdaping 0x00001234

to see if you can connect (obviously, using the hex number you found in /proc/net/irda/discovery)

You now need to make the highlevel irda interface work. I had to manually create /dev/ircomm0 as root:

# cd /dev

# mknod ircomm0 c 161 0

Then "modprobe ircomm-tty" (you may need to "modprobe ircomm" manually too, not sure). There is probably a way to automate all this stuff.

3) Create a ~/.gammurc file. Mine looks like


port = /dev/ircomm0

connection = irda

4) Play with gammu:

> gammu --identify

should show you your phone (check it still has infrared on!)

> gammu --getfilesystem

should list your filesystem. But for me, it didn't work: I just got the first (root) folder of my phone, repeated ad infinitum. So a workaround is to do

>gammu --getfile

starting at 1,2,3; each time it should tell you the name of the folder. (It's complaining that you can't download a whole folder.) When you find the folder with your photos in (or whatever) just do

> gammu --getfilefolder X

where X is the relevant number.

5) Donate to the gammu team for being cool and providing you with a free way to do what Windows people charge £25 for.