Monday, 12 September 2016

Linkage, collected

Anxiety and depression are symptoms, not diseases.

So, I needed an example of problematic libertarian paternalism for my lecture. Is this an example of "reframing choice"?

Writing about Tibet and being censored in China:

"Some content ignores the great accomplishments that several decades of reform and opening up have had in Tibet, and instead overly indulges in the nostalgia for an imagined old Tibet; the content shows faulty values and departs from correct political principles, failing to assume the societal responsibility that a contemporary author has and also the political responsibility in constructing an advanced culture."
Because I refused to admit these “mistakes”, one year after the book had been published and banned, I was fired, my apartment was confiscated, my insurance was cancelled, and I wasn’t allowed to apply for a passport to go abroad; from this moment I started the difficult career as an independent writer.