Saturday, 17 October 2015


Unlearning economics on randomized controlled trials.

Among other things, the author argues that it is unethical to deny some people in the RCT a treatment, since this treatment is unambiguously useful. This argument is weak. The reason for doing RCTs is to learn how useful treatments are. People in the real world outside the trial are constantly denied useful treatments, because resources are not unlimited. We conduct the RCT to find out which treatments are the most useful. This minimizes the number of people who will be denied useful treatments in future. (Question: are the ethics of medical research vitiated by a bias in favour of the people in the trial over the future people who may be helped?)

Law enforcement might get your DNA from 23andme. 23andme have an option to delete your DNA data after 30 days, sounds like a sensible precaution.

Der Spiegel have uncovered evidence that Germany's right to host the 2006 World Cup was bought.