Sunday, 19 April 2015


Chimps make spears in the wild. Unnervingly like this (Onion), or Planet of the Apes.

Ifthekar, a young man from Britain, goes on jihad in Syria:
His major complaint — which echoed the complaints of many of the foreigners who had come to these battlefields — was that of boredom. Weeks turned into months, and he and many of his fellow fighters had yet to wage jihad. Many manned roadblocks or checkpoints; others performed menial tasks...
Compare Timothy Corsellis, who joined the RAF at the outbreak of the Second World War, aged 19:
I was ready for death
Ready to give my all in an expansive gesture
For a cause that was worthy of death....
But I never expected
The weary hours of waiting while the sun rose and set...
We sat together as we sat at peace
Bound by no ideal of service
But by a common interest in pornography
And a pride to outdrink one another.
Both Ifthekar and Corsellis were killed a little later.