Saturday, 25 October 2014

Screw UKIP

... and Cameron too!

I'm sick of this anti-European bullshit, and I'm going to stand up against it the only way I know how.

symbols(sin(1:12/12*2*pi), cos(1:12/12*2*pi),
  stars=matrix(rep(c(0.52,1,0.52, 0.4)*1/7, 10), nrow=12, ncol=20, byrow=T),  
  fg=rgb(255/255,204/255,0), bg=rgb(255/255,204/255,0), inches=F, axes=F, ann=F, crt=90)

The proportions are guesses - couldn't be bothered to do the math for what is described here. The colours are right though. I had to use a 10 pointed star to make sure the stars were the right way up.