Friday, 12 April 2013


Why not more tech startups in Europe?
Death of someone who arguably had a greater impact on human welfare than Margaret Thatcher.
Tyler Cowen offers a speculative interpretation of the European crisis: long-run structural changes are being "time-compressed" by the shock.
Paul Krugman is the blogger of the GFC, confidently slapping down critics on the right. Is Jeffrey Sachs emerging as a worthy opponent?
Thatcher and pop music. (Next: Thatcher and 8 bit computer games. There is a thesis.)
If you missed it the first time... then you won't understand any of it now.

"Speculating on bitcoin is just the latest in a string of online ventures for the Winkelvosses since their involvement with Facebook. They have become venture capitalists and poured investment into a shopping website called Hukkster and an online community for money managers, SumZero."
Hukkster, SumZero... are the Winkelvoss twins actually performance artists