Sunday, 17 June 2012

Medieval polisci

For Sunday, here's François Villon's version of a famous theory.

Au temps que Alexandre regna,
Ung hom, nommé Diomedès,
Devant luy on luy amena,
Engrillonné poulces et detz
Comme ung larron; car il fut des
Escumeurs que voyons courir.
Si fut mys devant le cadès,
Pour estre jugé à mourir.
L'empereur si l'arraisonna:
«Pourquoy es-tu larron de mer?»
L'autre, responce luy donna:
«Pourquoy larron me faiz nommer?
«Pour ce qu'on me voit escumer
«En une petiote fuste?
«Se comme toy me peusse armer,
«Comme toy empereur je fusse.

In the time of Alexander's reign
A man, by name Diomedes,
Was dragged before him
Thumbs and fingers in irons
As a robber; for he was
One of those pirates that we see.
He was brought before the judge
To be sentenced to death.

The emperor questioned him:
"Why are you a robber on the sea?"
The other replied to him:
"Why are you calling me a thief?
Because you see my piracy
In a tiny little boat?
If I could have your armaments
I would be emperor like you..."