Friday, 12 September 2008

OMGWTF Neurotic animals!

From "Genes, Evolution and Personality", Bouchard and Loehlin 2001. Formatting slightly screwed up, sorry, but I know none of you can resist the news that octopuses are neurotic.

Octopus neurosis 1: you change colour, but you think a passing crab may be laughing at you.

Octopus neurosis 2: nervously tangling your tentacles together.

Table I. Animal Personality Factors Based on Factor Analyses of Individual Animals Classified According to the Five-Factor Model
and Two Additional Factorsa
Five-factor model trait names Additional dimensions
Species Neuroticism Agreeableness Extraversion Openness Conscientiousness Dominance Activity
Chimpanzee x x x x x x x
Gorilla x x x x
Rhesus monkey x x x x x
Vervet monkey x x x
Hyena x x x x
Dog x x x x x
Cat x x x x
Donkey x x
Pig x x x
Rat x x
Guppy x x
Octopus x x x

Adapted from Gosling and John (1999); an x indicates that the factor or a combination of two factors was found for that species.