Wednesday, 4 January 2006 asked a bunch of scientists for their "dangerous idea"

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of ones about science and religion. Also a lot of ones about minds, brains and genes. Cognitive science is "hot". These ideas are interesting but not so new, at least to me personally. Quite a lot of physicists talk about the idea of a "multiverse". A more political trend is a worry about American decline - there are a lot of grumbles about the lack of US science students.

Here are some of the ones I liked:

Sherry Turkle on the end of authenticity

Steven Strogatz on the end of insight

Jaron Lanier on homuncular flexibility

Richard Nisbett on not knowing ourselves

Jeremy Bernstein: the idea that we understand plutonium

Frank Tipler on antimatter

Gregory Cochran: evolution has taken place within recorded history

Alison Gopnik: the idea of "dangerous ideas"

Brian Greene on the multiverse (several physicists mention this theme):

Diane F. Halpern on choosing your child's sex

Daniel Dennett: not enough minds for our memes

Robert Shapiro on monomers and the search for the origin of life

Geoffrey Miller: aliens are too busy playing their Xboxes

Bart Kosko: we're all using the wrong Bell Curve!

Marco Iacoboni: media violence induces imitative violence

Leo Chalupa: give me peace and quiet!