Sunday, 15 May 2005

Given what I said about the world's knowledge of America, here is a summary of what I already know about New York. The population of New York is made up of 2 groups: frustrated single women and investment bankers. There are many more of the first group than the second, about 9 to 1 in fact. Sometimes the two get together and become Smug Marrieds. Smug New York Marrieds are, obviously, twice as Smug. However the women are still frustrated as their husbands are always out investment banking.

There are also some artists, who live in Greenwich Village and have blue hair. However artists are all also women (and hence single and frustrated) so this is not really a separate group. There is also the bird lady as seen in Home Alone. Her marital status is unclear.

Everyone in New York talks very fast and is rude but with a heart of gold. New Yorkers drink coffee and stage art happenings or flashmobs. This is when a bunch of artists get together and point at an investment banker, perhaps so as to enable one of their number to sneak up and marry him.